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Tula Day Spa and Cosmetics is where beauty and artistry meet. Pamper yourself with our full line of makeup and beauty services!



In the ancient language of Sanskrit, Tula means balance. It is the language of mantra, word formulas that were discovered by the ancient sages of India. The particular combination of sound vibrations when chanted or meditated upon had a specific effect on the mind and psyche.

At Tula Day Spa™, our philosophy is that everyone deserves to take a moment, unwind and balance. Tula Day Spa™ offers a collection of services that can be custom-tailored to enhance your mind & beauty. Innovative treatments and customized formulas are provided to meet your specific needs.

Tula Cosmetics™ is our exclusive makeup line. Established in Los Angeles, we deliver a full range of high-quality products perfect for your individual skin type and desired look. Our collections are lightweight and refined, helping you look flawless and feel radiant.

Your well-being is the heart of our philosophy and that is why Tula Day Spa & Cosmetics™ believes you deserve to feel balanced inside and out.

MEGAN QUINN, founder

With a passion for intrinsic beauty, a sharp eye for aesthetics and an ever-evolving creative drive, Megan Quinn has always sought to improve beauty inside & out. She became a Licensed Esthetician in 2007, going on to earn her Bachelors of Arts Degree from Sonoma State University in 2009. After receiving her degree, she traveled back to Los Angeles ready to start developing her craft. Through years of dedicated work and experience in the beauty industry, Megan developed Tula Day Spa and Cosmetics™, a brand inspired by impeccable artistry & her vision of Balanced Beauty.

Megan enjoys educating her clients on healthy skin solutions, makeup techniques and choosing the right products. She believes each face presents a canvas and – with perfectly groomed eyebrows to frame the eyes, a glowing complexion or that perfect shade of eye shadow – each canvas can be transformed.

Tula Day Spa & Cosmetics™ was created to provide exceptional treatments in a therapeutic and relaxing environment. Megan challenges herself to research new techniques and stay current on practices and trends in field of esthetics; she is also a Certified Xtreme Lash® Extension Stylist.